Your vote matters

Your vote matters. The way you register to vote is changing so make sure you’re in.

The way you register to vote is changing. A new voter registration system has been launched throughout the country. If you are already registered, Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council will soon be writing to you to tell you whether you need to do anything. You may have seen adverts on the radio, television, newspapers and on posters to tell you about this. If you are not registered, there is a new way to register to vote.

If you are already registered

You need to move to the new register. We will be matching the details of every registered elector against central government databases. Where there is a match, you will be moved to the new register. We will write to you by early August to tell you that you have been successfully matched. There is nothing else you will need to do.

If your details do not match we will write to you to tell you by early August. You will need to tell us your National Insurance number and date of birth in order to stay registered to vote. We will send you a form to do this, or you can complete a form online. If you do not complete the form and move to the new register, you will not be able to vote by post or by proxy but will have to vote in person at a polling station.

If you are not already registered

You can apply to register to vote by completing the form at Registration is quick, free and simple. You do need to have your National Insurance number and date of birth to be able to register. If you do not have internet access, you can ask us to send you a paper form by calling us on 01732 876022.

Household forms

A number of households will have already been sent a Household Enquiry Form. We have to send this to you to find out who is living in your property so we can invite them to apply to join the register of electors.

Reminders and visits

The new rules about registering to vote mean that if we send you a form, you must fill it in by law. If you do not we have to send you a reminder and then, if we still haven’t heard from you, we have to send someone to visit you to help fill in the form. Please help us to keep our costs down by filling in any form you receive from us quickly. If you need any help please do not wait for us to visit, but email or call us using the details on the form.


The next scheduled elections are taking place on 7 May 2015. On that day, we will be voting in borough, parish and a parliamentary General Election. To be able to vote, you must be registered. If you receive a form from us, please fill it in promptly. If you have not heard from us by mid-August (either to say you have been moved to the new register, or asking for you to complete a form), then you are not registered and will not be able to vote. Visit to apply.

More information

More information can be found at You can contact us by email to