Minutes of Planning meeting held 8 August 2017

Minutes of the Planning Committee of Mereworth Parish Council held on Tuesday 8 August 2017


PRESENT: Chairman –– Jon Regan (JR), Philip Olden (PO),  Andrew Wells (AW)

 Katherine Eykelenboom (KE), Jenny Thorogood (JT)


  1. Apologies for absence – Michael Bound


  1. Declarations of Interests – none


  1. Questions from members of the public – none

(This is a concessionary short session and limited to 30 minutes.  Five minutes per person will be allowed initially and only if time permits, will further comments be heard. This session is for information only and no action need be taken upon items raised)


  1. Minutes of Planning Committee meeting held on 27 June 2017 – these were

agreed and signed as a true record


  1. Matters arising – none


  1. TMBC Planning Applications
  2. TM/17/01677/LB and
  3. TM/17/01676/FL – 222 Butchers Lane, Mereworth

Two storey side extension, single storey rear extension with two storey rear

projection and internal alterations:- comments


The Parish Council would ask for assurance that building works do not block the entrance to the neighbour’s property with building materials and no parking on the neighbours drive way. Noise should be kept to a minimum, concerns about parking raised by other neighbours. Members believe that the planned extension greatly exceeds 50% of the original building.

In addition brickwork, brick colour and windows should follow as nearly as possible the appearance and detail of the original south elevation to ensure the historic cohesion of this group of buildings (with no.220) is maintained in the Area of Historic Character, TMBC Policy P4/7.


  1. TM/17/02048/LB – Pavilion and stables NW of Mereworth Castle, Tonbridge

Road, Mereworth

Listed building application – internal alterations the west wing of the West pavilion to accommodate the conversion from garage to ancillary accommodation purposes.


Materials should be in keeping with this period building but no objection


  1. TM/17/02023/FL – 112 Tonbridge Road, Mereworth

12 Bay car garage within the curtilage of a Listed Building


The plan should ensure that the garages are not visible above the surrounding wall, not just state that “it is intended that the proposal in the main stays below the height of the wall” (ref. the “Design and Access Statement”)

–     The plan should state the types of materials used in greater detail and so should supply visual references – the materials should be consistent and sympathetic with the historic surrounding lodge buildings.




  1. TMBC Determinations – none


  1. 8. KCC Applications – none


  1. KCC Determinations – none


  1. Date of next Planning Committee meeting: Tuesday 22 August 2017 following the

Parish Council meeting which starts at 7.30pm