Minutes of Parish Council meeting held 23 October 2018



PRESENT Chairman – Philip Olden (PO), Michael Bound (MB), Jenny Thorogood (JT),
Katherine Eykelenboom (KE), TMBClr Mrs Anne Kemp, , Gill Kirby – Clerk,
5 members of public

1. Apologies for absence – received from TMBC & KCClr Matthew Balfour ,
Jon Regan (JR), Andrew Wells (AW), Alastair Pullen (AP)

2 Declarations of Interest – none

3. Questions from members of the Public
(This is a concessionary short session and limited to 30 minutes. Five minutes per person will be allowed initially and only if time permits, will further comments be heard. This session is for information only and no action need be taken upon items raised.)
1. Mrs Tiptaft referred to the public footpath MR286 from Kent Street to Beech Road noting that it was now impassable due to PROW having taken it off their schedule for clearing. Walkers were now using a tractor route across the farmers field (Tregothnan Estates) as this was more accessible. The landowner did not want to have a new footpath route across the land. It was agreed that Clerk write to Kent PROW Officer to ask that the path be reinstated onto the schedule, cleared and maintained. Action Clerk

2. Graham Matthews referred to the Annual Village Fete and asked that the Parish Council clarify its position regarding the organisation of the fete. (PO) explained that the Parish Council felt that the organisation of the fete was not solely a Parish Council responsibility and when the Fete Committee had disbanded, it had been taken over last year by (JT). The Parish would still continue to support it as they had in the past and encouraged other village organisations such as MVH and PCC to help look for new organisers. Chairman apologised for any misunderstanding in previous Parish Council meeting minutes. (JT) would continue to run the BBQ, and (KE) the disco.

4. Reports of County and Borough Councillors and Police

Police report –PCSO Dylan Mcelligot was not in attendance

Borough Council Report – Clr Mrs Kemp reported that the Borough Council had been discussing Public Conveniences and will continue to provide these and improve them. The mechanism for road closures for street parties, etc, had been agreed and applications would not have to be paid for.
The TMBC annual audit had been successfully completed.
The Borough Council was responsible for licensing dogs and would enforce recently introduced legislation to help avoid illegal puppy farming.
There was no feedback as yet for the Local Plan consultation. (PO) indicated that Mereworth Parish Council will be submitting comments soon and would refer in particular to the infrastructure around A228. (MB) noted that widening of the A228 was not wanted but developments should take account of the narrowness of the road.
(PO) said that none of the proposed sites in Mereworth had been included in the plan.

5. Minutes
(a) Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 25 September 2018 – These
were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman
(b) Matters arising not covered elsewhere on the agenda – none

6. Finance
(a) Bank reconciliation and ratification of cheques for signing
Bank reconciliation as at 30 September 2018 was approved and bank statements
verified. Reconciliation and cheque payments as listed were ratified.
Payment (ch no 001423) Malling Action Partnership agreed unanimously (s.137 LGA 1972)
Action Clerk

(b) Audit 2017-8 – External Auditors Report – Clerk reported that the accounts had been
signed off by the external auditor with one comment –
‘The AGAR has not been approved in accordance with the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 : Section 2 was approved before Section 1’. Noted
Grateful thanks were recorded to the Clerk for her excellent work on this.

7. Update on other issues
(a) MVH Liaison – the MVH meeting would take place following this meeting

(b) PCC Liaison – nothing to report

(c) Highways – (i) Report of JPCTCG and Local Plan meetings and possible
A228 Traffic Inspection.
(JT) (AW) (MB) and (PO) had attended the meetings and noted that objections to developments could be based on independent analysis of air quality or traffic inspections. (Both Borough Green and Wrotham Parish Councils were doing this). The Parish Council needs to notify TMBC by 12 November that they are submitting a report. (JT) noted that 2000 vehicles an hour use A228 at Kent Street. A quotation of £600-£1000 for a Traffic Assessment had been received. It was agreed that the Parish Council (PO) and (AW) would approach Kings Hill and East Peckham parish councils to share the costs. (PO) had contacted a consultant who could do the work within 2 weeks.
It was unanimously agreed to complete a submission to object and to engage a consultant. Action (PO) (AW)

(MB) suggested that if there was anything on the Local Plan that was welcomed, it should be supported. For example, agree with sites being left out of the Plan , in case these are looked at again in the future.
We should support the omission of the Woodyard from the Plan and commend this decision because the A228 is a dangerous road.

(MB) to work with Clerk to put together the Representation Form for submission to TMBC Action (MB) Clerk

(ii) Drop-off zone outside Mereworth School
(AW) and (PO) had met with school representatives on 11 October. They reported that they had met 3 times with Friends of Mereworth School (FOMS) and the outcome was that they did not support the drop-off area in The Street for reasons of safety. A review of the land, assessment and costings of an ‘in/out’ road within the perimeter of the school was now being undertaken. The school would then look at starting a fund raising programme.
Mr Hall, resident, said that he appreciated the work that had been done but it should be taken further. He produced his own research and circulated notes, which suggested that rubber matting could be laid in sections and used to park cars within the perimeter of the school grounds. He could organise a master class in laying the matting if wanted, parents and school could do the work themselves. He would take a copy of the notes to the school. He appreciated that everyone was working together to make the situation better. (PO) noted that the school were under pressure regarding funding and were taking this matter seriously. It was hoped that the Headteacher would attend the next Parish Council meeting and may have more information.

Application for KCC Members Grant – This was being considered by KCC. Awaiting outcome.

(d) Allotments –The committee to next meet in November

(e) Neighbourhood Watch – nothing to report

(f) Childrens play area/Recreation area/Football pitches – nothing to report

(g) Framing and display of old photographs in the Village Hall – As (AP) was not available for the next few months, Clerk had contacted Martin Willgoss regarding help and advice in presenting the old photographs. Response awaited Action Clerk
(h) Battle’s Over celebrations – 11 November 2018. Clerk reported that about 40 requests for free supper vouchers had been received so far. (JT) to be informed of final numbers nearer the time. (PO) to encourage support from the Moody Mare pub and Hugh Lowe Farms. (JT) to purchase food and submit bill to Parish Council. Action (JT) (PO)

(Clerks Notes:
1. Dennis Styles had reported that he had arranged for coffee mornings to be held for retired residents starting 23 January 2019 and thereafter on every 4th Wednesday morning at. 10.30am in Mereworth Church)
2. Equine Clinic had confirmed that they had posted notices in their reception area asking drivers to turn left from Butchers Lane into The Street and then to the A228 when leaving their premises. This should avoid the obstruction of The Street.)

8. Any other business and matters for future discussion
1. (KE) referred to Christmas lights and asked whether these would be installed again this year.
It was agreed to leave this to Adam and Carly as in the past.

2. (MB) referred to the Mead Factory. (JT) reported that she had visited the Factory and found it very interesting. Several companies were awaiting the product. It was agreed that Clerk arrange for councillors to visit the factory. Action Clerk

9. Date of next meeting – 27 November 2018 at 7.00pm in the Village Hall –note new start time.

Meeting closed 10.10 pm