minutes of Parish Council meeting held 23 January 2018


PRESENT – Jon Regan (JR) – Chairman, Andrew Wells (AW), Jenny Thorogood (JT),
Gill Kirby (Clerk), 1 member of public

1. Apologies for absence – KCC and TMB Clr Matthew Balfour, TMBClr Mrs Anne Kemp, Philip Olden (PO), Michael Bound (MB), Katherine Eykelenboom (KE),

2. Declarations of Interest – none

3. Co-Option of member to fill Vacancy on the Parish Council – It had been agreed at the previous meeting to co-opt Alastair Pullen onto the Parish Council to fill the vacancy for the Airfield Estate Ward. Declaration of Acceptance of Office was signed.
It was agreed to amend Bank Mandate to remove Mr Reynolds and add Clr Pullen Action Clerk

4. Questions from members of the Public – none
(This is a concessionary short session and limited to 30 minutes. Five minutes per person will be allowed initially and only if time permits will further comments be heard. This session is for information only and no action need be taken upon items raised)

5. Reports from County and Borough Councillors and Police – none

6. Minutes
(a) Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held 12 December 2017 -These were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman
(b) Matters arising not covered elsewhere on the agenda – none.

7. Finance
(a) Bank reconciliation and ratification of cheques for signing
Bank reconciliation as at 31 December 2017 was approved and bank statements
verified. Reconciliation and cheque payments as listed were ratified and signed.
Action Clerk

(b) Grant application for patio improvements at pavilion – Application for grant had been successful and £4450 had been received. Grateful thanks were recorded to Clr Balfour.
(i) Seating – once a date for the works had been agreed Clerk would order two seats to match the ones already installed in the Recreation Area
(ii) Quotations for patio works. One quotation had been received. Despite Clerk asking several times, the other quotation had not been received. (JT) had also asked for a quotation but not received any. Rene Bennett agreed to try to get further quotes Action Clerk/Rene Bennett

8. Updates on other issues
(a) MVH Liaison – MVH Meeting had been held prior to this meeting.

(b) PCC Liaison – (AW) felt that more visible parking notices were required when the pavilion car park was being used for church special events. It was agreed that (JT) obtain two large banners – hopefully in time for the funeral on 1 February. Action (JT)
(c) Highways – (i) Parking outside the School – Notes on the Parish Council’s meeting
held with School Representatives and Nu-Venture had been circulated. It was agreed to contact Kent Highways to request that a one-way system be introduced at school times. If there was a cost for signage, Mereworth Parish Council could consider helping fund this. Action Clerk
(ii) Speed Indicator Devices (SIDS) – application had been made to Clr
Balfour, who would support funding for one box providing there was enough money left in the fund. This could be moved from site to site. Decision awaited. SIDS could only be installed in areas of up to 40mph so Seven Mile Lane would require a VAS sign. Clerk had asked Clr Balfour if he could support this. Action Clerk

(d) Allotments –
(i) Possible acquisition of allotments site – (JR) had asked if the Estate would
consider giving the allotments site to the Parish Council. Response awaited
(ii) Estimates for clearing. rotovating and fencing – Clerk had contacted 2 contractors to ask for quotations. Only one quotation had been received. The total cost was over £15,000. It was agreed this would not be accepted Action Clerk
(iii) Meeting with allotment holders/prospective tenants –held prior to this meeting and been very productive and positive. It was agreed that an Allotments Committee would be formed and their first three meetings could be held in the Village Hall free of charge. Further meetings would be considered . Clerk to circulate contact details to the tenants and ask them for an update before the next meeting. Action Clerk

(e) Neighbourhood Watch – nothing to report

(f) Childrens Play area/Recreation area/football pitches –
Future additional use of pitch/pavilion – Clerk reported that contact had been made with Vice Chairman of Kings Hill FC regarding possible future use of the facility.
The Cricket Club had booked fixtures for several Sundays and a few Saturdays in the summer. One provisional booking had been received for a Girls Cricket Match on a Saturday. Action Clerk

9. Any other business and matters for future discussion –
1. Beacon to Commemorate the end of World War I – 11 November 2018 7.00pm. It was agreed to light a Beacon in the field behind (JT)’s garden. (JT) offered to host a BBQ. Clerk to ask neighbouring parishes – Wateringbury, West Peckham, Hadlow, West Farleigh if they were planning to light beacons. Clerk to register the Beacon. Action Clerk

2. General Data Protection Regulation –this will become effective 25 May 2018 – the appointment of a Data Protection Officer for Mereworth Parish Council will be part of the requirements. According to KALC Clerks were not allowed to take on this role, however information from SLCC suggested that they could. There were still some details of the Regulations to be agreed. (PO) had indicated that he would be willing to take on the DPO role if Clerk was not allowed to do it. Clerk noted that Mereworth PC only held a limited amount of personal information such as email addresses, telephone numbers and home addresses. Clerk had prepared a list of information held by Parish Council and MVH along with a check list of action taken.
It was agreed to wait until further information was available before agreeing on the appointment of DPO Action Clerk

10. Date of next meeting – 27 February 2018 – 7.30 pm in the Village Hall
Meeting closed 9.30pm