Minutes of Parish Council Annual General meeting – 23 May 2017





PRESENT  – Jon Regan (JR), Michael Bound (MB), Katherine Eykelenboom (KE), PCSO’s Toni Matthews and  Kim Hockey,   Gill Kirby (Clerk),  1 member of public


  1. Apologies for absence – Philip Olden (PO), Andrew Wells (AW),  Jenny Thorogood (JT)

TMBC, KCC & TMBC Clr Matthew Balfour


  1. Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman –(MB) nominated (JR) as Chairman – seconded by (KE). No further nominations. It was unanimously agreed that (JR) be elected Chairman


(MB) nominated (PO) as Vice Chairman – seconded by (KE). No further nominations.  It was agreed unanimously that (PO) be elected Vice Chairman


  1. Declarations of Acceptance of Officesigned by (JR). (PO) to sign at next meeting.


  1. Declarations of Interest   –  none


  1. Vacancy on the Parish Council – Clerk had informed TMBC of the resignation of Stephen Reynolds and was awaiting the required time period for an election to be called before the Parish Council could co-opt a new member.


  1. Questions from members of the Public

(This is a concessionary short session and limited to 30 minutes.  Five minutes per person will be allowed initially and only if time permits will further comments be heard.  This session is for information only and no action need be taken upon items raised)


  1. Mrs Tiptaft  reported that hedges on Beech Road had not been cut this year and the road was dangerously narrowed resulting in poor visibility.  (JR) explained that farmers were not allowed to cut hedges until August.  She felt that the speed of traffic on this road was a concern and all the 30mph signs were obscured and 30mph road markings had disappeared.  Clerk to report the hedges, traffic signs and road markings to Kent Highways.                                                                 Action Clerk
  2. Mrs Tiptaft also reported that the hedge and street nameplate in Beech Road had been damaged. Clerk to report the nameplate to TMBC.                    Action Clerk
  3. Mrs Tiptaft reported that the waste bin in the layby outside the Church in The Street did not have a lid and it was resulting in litter being spread around the area.  Clerk reported that she had requested TMBC replace it with a lidded bin but had not had a response.  Clerk to ask again.                                                    Action Clerk
  4. Flytipping was a problem and Mrs Tiptaft reported that several square polythene tops, three large foam cushions and bags had been dumped in Beech Road. Clerk to report these to TMBC                                                                         Action Clerk


  1. Reports from County and Borough Councillors and Police

Police – PCSO’s – crime figures had been provided for May – these included one incidence of theft, one of theft of motor vehicle and one of damage.


  1. Representation – groups and local organisations


  1. Joint Parish Councils Traffic Liaison Group – to be discussed at next meeting
  2. Parish Partnership Panel and TMBC Standards and Training Committee – dates to be circulated and Cllrs attend if available
  3. PCC – to be discussed at next meeting
  4. Neighbourhood Watch – (KE) to continue as representative


  1. Minutes


  • Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held 25 April 2017 -These were agreed as

a true record and signed by the Chairman

(b)  Matters arising not covered elsewhere on the agenda – none


  1.         Finance

(a)   Bank reconciliation and ratification of cheques for signing

Bank reconciliation as at 30 April 2017 was approved and bank statements verified.

Reconciliation and cheque payments as listed were ratified and signed.

.                                                                                                       Action Clerk


(b)  Annual Review of rentals/fees

(i)  Pitch hire 2017-8 season – Football currently £45 seniors £22 Juniors per match.  It

was proposed by Chairman that the fees be increased to £50 for seniors and £25 for

juniors per match.  Agreed unanimously.                                       Action Clerk

Cricket – currently £265.50 per season.  It was proposed by Chairman  that fees

be increased to £300 per season .  Agreed unanimously.                 Action Clerk


(ii)  Allotments – currently £35 for parishioners, £50 for non-parishioners per full-plot, £25

per half plot.  It was proposed by Chairman that fees be increased to £40 for parishioners,

£60 for non-parishioners and £30 per half plot from November 2017. Agreed unanimously                                                                                                        Action Clerk


(iii) Land Rental – Kent Street – currently £1000 pa.  It was unanimously agreed that this remain the same for this year


(c) Donation requests – (i) Citizens Advice Bureau – It was proposed by Chairman – (s.137

LGA 1972) that a donation of £50 be made.  Agreed unanimously.

(ii) TMBC Holiday Activity Schemes for Young People – Agreed no


(iii)   Kent Air Ambulance – It was proposed by Chairman – (s.137 LGA

1972) that a donation of £50 be made – Agreed unanimously

Action Clerk


(d)  Review of Financial Regulations and Risk Assessment.  Clerk had circulated these

documents.  It was agreed to adopt these.


(e)  Future Management of Pavilion – to be discussed at next meeting when (PO) would be

in attendance.


(f)  Hire of football pitches –  It had been agreed that the football pitches be made available for

ad-hoc hiring.  Clerk reported that a new hiring agreement for individuals had been

prepared and the pitches were already being hired by individuals .  Fees had been charged

as per the match fees for the Football Clubs plus a returnable deposit of £50.

It was agreed that this was acceptable.                                            Action Clerk

(g)  War Memorial Cleaning/grants/survey – Clerk had obtained estimate for cleaning the War

Memorial but this had included pressure washing, which was not recommended by the

War Memorials Trust.  Clerk had completed a survey form for the Trust, (AW) had

taken photographs and the advice of the Trust was awaited.   Clerk to see if there was any

progress on the survey.                                                                  Action Clerk

(h)  Seat for Butchers Lane – no objections had been raised by the landowner or the tenant to

install a seat at the entrance to Equine Clinic.  However the landowner had queried the need

for a seat and felt that it might involve additional maintenance of the grass verge.  It had

also been suggested that it might be installed opposite the village hall.

Councillors discussed this issue but felt that installation of a seat may result in accumulation

of litter and members had not heard of any other requests for a seat in this area. It was,

therefore, agreed not to progress this at the present time.


  1. Updates on other issues
  • MVH Liaison – nothing to report


  • PCC Liaison – nothing to report


  • Highways –The Street white lining – The Highways Steward had raised a job for the lines to be installed within the next 2 months. The Parish Council to be responsible for the cost of repainting the additional lines in the future.


  • Allotments – There had been several changes of tenants. All allotments were now taken and there were three people on the waiting list.   The invoice for the cost of the Lease renewal had finally been received.


(JR) to arrange to meet with Kentish Stone Ltd. to discuss fencing requirements.Action (JR)


It was agreed that all existing tenants should be asked for a plot deposit – new tenants had been required to pay £100.                                                                                   Action Clerk


It was agreed to discuss possible purchase of the allotments site at the next meeting


  • Neighbourhood Watch – nothing to report


  • Childrens Play area/Recreation area/football pitches – It was agreed to discuss possible improvements to the play area at the next meeting.


  1. Any other business and matters for future discussion
  2. Aims and Objectives of the Parish Council –  It was agreed that the Parish Council would discuss this at the next meeting.
  3. 25 July 2017 meeting – most councilors have sent apologies, possible change of date.  It was agreed to discuss this at the next meeting
  4. (MB) proposed a farewell gift for Stephen Reynolds as a thank you for his 20 years of service to the Parish Council.  It was agreed that Clerk email all councillors asking for their ideas on a gift and the inscription.                                                                  Action Clerk


  1. Date of next meeting – Tuesday 27 June at 7.30pm.   



                                                            Meeting closed 8.35pm