Parish Councillors

CHAIRMAN – Jon Regan, Bullfinches, New Pound Lane, Mereworth, Kent, ME18 5QZ  0771 233963                                                            

VICE CHAIRJenny Thorogood, 216 Butchers Lane, Mereworth, ME18 5QG        01622 812937                                                           

Andrew Wells, Mere House, The Street, Mereworth ME19 5NB

01622 814608


Michael Bound, Smartswell, Willow Wents, ME18 5NF – 01622 814991


Edward Murray, Old Highlands Farm, 41 Horns Lane, Mereworth, ME18 5AA    01622 812256                                                           


Katherine Eykelenboom  – 01622 299213            


There is currently ONE vacancy on the Parish Council







 Disclosable Pecuniary Interests (DPI’s) forms are held at TMBC and by The Clerk


DPI form 1905 Thorogood Jenefer_Redacted
1905 Wells William_Redacted
1905 Murray Edward_Redacted
1905 Eykelenboom Katherine_Redacted
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