Kent Highways Safety Camera Partnership report on Seven Mile Lane





Seven Mile Lane





Response from Safety Camera Partnership to request for cameras on Seven Mile Lane, Mereworth


Publication date: January 2016

Author:                  Colin Evans (KMSCP Project Officer)

Contributors:       A.M. Penny (KMSCP Project Manager)

Lee Birchill (KCC Crash Data Team Manager)

The Partnership was contacted by Mereworth Parish Council Clerk, Gill Kirby, to express concern at the perception of high speeds on Seven Mile Lane, Mereworth, with particular emphasis on the junction with Comp Lane and the section near Mereworth Primary School.

The map of all severity crashes for the last five years (for which validated data is available) shows one crash resulting in serious injury and no crashes resulting in fatal injury.  Although the Partnership is aware that there was a fatal crash on Seven Mile Lane in 2015 it does not appear here as the data relating to it has not yet been validated by the Department for Transport.


The table below shows the crashes and the severity in the last five years for which validated data is available on Seven Mile Lane, Mereworth.  Validated data for 2015 is not yet available.





Car strayed into path of on-coming goods vehicle.  Speed not listed as a contributory factor.


Crash cluster sites for 2015 have not yet been assessed so it is not yet known whether Mereworth will appear as a priority in the list.

There is no recent speed survey data available, the most recent survey having been carried out more than 10 years ago.



The recommendations are as follows:

The lack of speed related fatal or serious injury crashes within the validated data period on the section of Seven Mile Lane in question makes it unlikely to meet the criteria for camera enforcement.   The lack of a safe and appropriate place to park the enforcement van is also of concern.  Although not appropriate for Seven Mile Lane itself, the perception of high speeds in Mereworth Village may be best addressed by formation of a Community Speed Watch group if one does not already exist.




Action by


No further action for the Partnership

Anne-Marie Penny


Kent Police District Commander to be advised

Colin Evans


Special Inspector for Community Speedwatch to be advised

Colin Evans